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Vaccine hesitancy in healthcare students: what is the evidence and how to rethink educational approaches?

le 28 mars 2023

Le 28 mars 2023 - 8h30-16h30
UFR Simone Veil - Santé | Amphi 3

L'UFR Simone Veil - Santé organise un séminaire sur l'hésitation vaccinale des étudiants en santé (état des lieux et approches pédagogiques), en collaboration avec les Universités de Szeged (Hongrie) et Lund (Suède) dans le cadre de l'Alliance EUGLOH.

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Recent COVID-19 pandemic has once again brought to the forefront vaccine hesitancy, defined as a delay in acceptance or refusal of vaccines despite availability. Understanding it is crucial to prepare responses to potential future pandemics. It also represents an important challenge for non-pandemic vaccines. Vaccine education in healthcare training courses is therefore the cornerstone of building vaccine confidence.

In the framework of the European University Alliance for Global Health (EUGLOH), partners from Universities of Lund, Szeged and Versailles St-Quentin / Paris-Saclay gathered their expertise and mobilized their experiences to organize a one-day seminar about vaccine hesitancy in healthcare students. The seminar is intended for students, teachers, researchers from several disciplines, as well as for academic societies, decision makers, public health authorities…

The morning session will cover existing knowledge on vaccine hesitancy from different perspectives such as social sciences, epidemiology, and public health. The afternoon session will be dedicated to innovations in vaccine education: the need for a multi-professional environment, contribution of digital literacy, and simulation approaches.
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